Welcome to the CDP Portal of Global Drug Facility!

The CDP* is a new Global Drug Facility (GDF) tool to improve and ease communication, and exchange of information between GDF and its TB medicines suppliers through a web platform.

The CDP is composed of different modules that covers the information related to TB medicines in the market, the status of quality-assured TB medicines registration in countries, the management of TB medicines quality complaints and the possibility for suppliers to automatically submit their technical Bids during GDF's tenders via the platform, with the aim to strengthen the quality and integrity of data/information exchanged for the benefit of both parties.

Founding Principles of GDF

The GDF is the largest global provider of quality-assured TB medicines, TB diagnostics, and laboratory supplies worldwide.

Since its creation in 2001 GDF has facilitated access to TB medicines in more than 142 countries, making quality-assured treatments available to over 32 million people with TB.

For each product GDF, in strong Partnership with its suppliers, and as per its procurement principles and strategy, ensures an uninterrupted supply of quality-assured TB medicines worldwide - at the lowest possible sustainable price.

The medicines supply plays key role in the End-to-End TB medicine Life-Cycle Management.

Thank you for being our Partner to eliminate TB!

* Central Data store and analysis Platform